Where to stay at Puri and places to visit

Puri is a beautiful tourist and pilgrimage spot situated in East India, in the state of Orissa, which is now known as Odisha, a small city which is a barely 60 km drive from Bhubaneshwar, the capital city of Odisha. Puri is mainly famous as a relaxing tourist spot for its beaches located throughout the city, with foamy blue waves of the Bay of Bengal crashing at the shores decorated with white sand and occasional broken pieces of sea shells, and also as a pilgrimage spot for the famous and auspicious temple of Lord Jagannath, which attracts thousands of pilgrims each day, billions a year.

There are many tourist places in Puri. Starting from the beach which flows throughout the city which also includes the famous beach of Chandrabhaga, there is the famous Konark Sun temple which has now been announced as a heritage site, there is the Nandankanan zoo which is a very good place to visit if you have a passion for seeing animals in their natural habitats, as much as that can be created in between an artificial man-made place. Swargadwar, a burning ghaat which many people believe to be sacred is also visited by many people, mostly pilgrims.

Apart from tourist spots in Puri, the Jagannath temple is one of the hugest attractions of Puri. It is surrounded by mysteries and folklores and is said to be one of the Dhaam of the “Chaar Dhaam” which one needs to visit to get rid of all their mortal sins and also to secure a place in heaven after they’ve passed away. Atheists and theists equally visit this temple of Lord Jagannath because of its undeniable charm and attraction.

Out of all kinds of hotels present there, the sea facing hotels in Puri are the ones who are most sought after, because of the natural charm to look at the gorgeous sea waves from one’s own hotel room. These hotels can be a little pricey, but they are totally worth every penny! Some of the hotels also provide some more luxurious services than usual hotels like a private swimming pool or a private place to have a calming spa. There are also resorts in Puri which even own their own private beaches so that the tourists staying at those resorts can avoid all the rush in the open beaches and the wild sea and can enjoy a calming time staying on those private beaches without getting disturbed or troubled by the noise or the hustle bustle.

But as not all the tourists can afford such luxurious hotels which happen to keep their tariffs at the higher end, there are also numerous cheap hotels in Puri. These hotels come off as the only way for tourists who are on a tight budget. But mostly these hotels whose tariffs are cheaper than most other hotels, are really value for the money spent on them. Some of them even have sea facing rooms, which is always a treat to receive at such a little price.

Puri is a holiday destination and a pilgrimage loved by all, and it sure has made itself compatible to fulfill all the needs of a tourist.

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